Zodiac signs

So I am really fascinated with Astrology.  The fact that events and decisions down here on earth can be affected by the alignment of the stars is really interesting.  I am a Leo, King of Zodiac signs so I am supposed to have traits like leadership, regal-ness, and bask in the center of attention.

Theses traits are for the most part true for me, except I don’t really care to be the center of attention.  I am more of an introvert, and I need to recharge in my own quiet space after I interact with a lzodiac-signsot of people.

One cool things about astrological signs is that if you are born in between the dates of two zodiac signs, you are considered a cusp.  So if you are born towards the end of the Cancer signs reign, and with the first week of the Leo sign, you are Leo-Cancer cusp.

Which totally makes sense for my temperament since the Crab is the sign of the cancer, it can be withdrawn sometimes.  You can read more about the cusp signs and traits here.


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